In-Building Wireless Solutions (Cellular, WiFi, Two-Way)


Without realizing it, your office building, factory, warehouse, hotel or hospital may have a wireless problem. Here’s how you know for sure – you try to make a cellphone call from inside the building but you cannot get a strong signal so you end up walking over to a window, a door, or even stepping outside. People may tell you that they tried to call you but you know that your cellphone never rang.

In an era where everyone has a smart phone or tablet, often more than one for personal and business use, not being able to make or take a call from inside a building is fast becoming unacceptable.

With the need for wireless connectivity growing daily, RF Communications Design recognizes that customer requirements vary. We design vendor neutral communications solutions on an individual basis. RF Communications Design is an engineering company that can help you determine a solution that satisfies your budgetary needs AND still maintain a quality solution to your communication requirements.

Today’s building concepts (steel, stone, tinted windows, etc.) are not conducive to cell phone signal penetration! Especially in today’s environment, this impacts public safety and the need for reliable communications.

RF Communications Design provides affordable, ubiquitous in-building wireless applications, including:


  • Cellular
  • PCS
  • Special Mobile Radio
  • Paging
  • Two-Way Radio
  • Wi-Fi Solutions

Our solutions are cost effective, thus maximizing your investment.

We have engineered and installed Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in the following environments:

  • Office buildings of various sizes
  • Warehouses of various sizes
  • Under hydroelectric dams
  • High rise buildings
  • Parking Garages
  • Tunnels
  • Underground generating facilities (800-1,000 feet underground)
  • Illuminate small, defined land areas with cellular signals

We can design and install fiber based DAS System in a high-rise office buildings, small office buildings and warehouses, large underground power generating facilities including tunnels, and corporate locations in a “campus” based environment that included several buildings.

We perform extensive grounding studies on tower sites and engineer job specifications to have corrective action performance. Design, engineer and provide project management for new sites including new towers, communication shelters, and generators. This also includes the provision of power plants, microwave and other radio systems, multiplexers, channel banks and related equipment.