Grounding & Communication Power Systems

electricity_warningLightning & Surge Protection

  • Shield sensitive equipment
  • Keep investments safe
  • Protect life against  potential electrical hazards

All electrical systems should be grounded properly in order to avoid any unnecessary harm to equipment or life.



Using proper grounding techniques are the best known way to protect people and equipment from electrical shock.

  • Megger testing
  • Engineer, design, and provide installation of grounding systems for towers and communication shelters
  • Provide correction of bonding and grounding discrepancies in existing locations
  • Complete documentation

RF Communications Design has decades of experience in providing proper grounding for both existing systems and new projects.

Communication Power Systems

Protect your towers and communication shelters to keep them functioning properly when power outages occurs.

Whether it be converting an existing system or engineering a new one, RF Communications Design can engineer and provide for the installation of systems to fit your needs.

Power Systems

  • Backup battery system
  • Generators (Diesel or Propane)
  • -12VDC, -24VDC, -48VDC
  • All types of converters
  • Fusing designs
  • All other associated communication power systems

The loss of communication could mean an important call or data transfer would be dropped!