Professional Services

We can engineer and install:

  • In-building cellular signal enhancement including cellular, SMR and PCS systems.
  • Point-to-Point microwave engineering with all microwave frequencies and types.
  • Omni, Multipoint and SCADA Radio Systems
    1. Special Mobile Radio (SMR) for medical and municipal emergencies
    2. Paging
    3. Cellular and PCS (Personal Cellular Service)
    4. Two way communications systems
  • Communications Power Systems
  • WiFi Engineering and Provision
  • FAA and FCC filings
    FAA - filings for new towers or changes in existing towers
    FCC - new and modification FCC filings for all types of licensed radio systems
  • Project and site documentation using Auto Cad
  • Liaison with local government for tower zoning, adjustments, etc.
  • Smart Grid - Monitoring and control of the nationwide electric grid to increase efficiency and reliability.
  • RF Grounding - Grounding of communications shelters and other ancillary to minimize unwanted transient RF emissions, spurious voltages and voltage surges that could result in damage to equipment and personnel.
  • Tower Grounding: Grounding of towers, antennas and feed lines to minimize lightning strikes and damage to radio and communications equipment and personnel.