About Us

RF Communications Design, LLC was organized in March 2003 by two partners, David W. Reams and Jack A. Burkhart. David was employed as the Chief Engineer for a major communications corporation for more than 30 years, when he retired (early). David is currently subcontracted to a major electrical generation and energy corporation where he is engineering and overseeing their communications projects. Jack retired as U.S. Human Resources Director of an international boiler engineering / manufacturing company after 29 years of service.

The main thrust of our business is “In-Building Cell Phone Penetration”. Our initial venture was for the headquarters of a large Evangelical Association, which recently relocated their headquarters from Minneapolis to Charlotte and constructed a new facility. Due to the type of construction, penetration of cell phone signals into the building was almost impossible. Upon our completion, cell phone and radio (SMR) usage are now available throughout the entire four story building. We have recently quoted another project in Boone, NC, and are waiting for the results of that bid.